Waterproofing Products

Sprayguard LLC can provide you with the best waterproofing products available for your foundations. All the products we offer are of superior quality and offer maximum protection against leaks and seepage. Call now to speak to one of our representatives about the terrific products we have to offer.



WATCHDOG H3 – economical, spray applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane. 3ft. of hydrostatic head pressure resistance.

TUFF-N-DRI H8 – premium, high solids, polymer enhanced, spray applied waterproofing. 8ft. of hydrostatic head resistance.

TUFF-N-DRI SYSTEM – combination of Tuff-N-Dri waterproofing plus Warn-N-Dri insulation/drainage board ( R-5 and R-10).

DOW BOARD – XPS rigid foam board insulation (R-5 and R-10).

TUFF II – 100% Acrylic protective and decorative coating for ICF, rigid foam, brick, concrete and masonry block.

CRACK INJECTION – Epoxy and urethane high pressure injection, seals for a water tight repair without excavating.

PIPE SLEEVES/ COLD JOINTS – High pressure injection for watertight seal.

STEGO® WRAPS – Vapor Barriers/Retarders Wraps

Keeping Your Basement Dry

We at Sprayguard are highly trained and well skilled in every facet of foundation waterprooing, insulation and repair.

We can repair your cracked foundation as well as waterproof/insulate a new or existing foundation while guaranteeing a dry basement.